Stories from the pandemic

Through a partnership with the Sahan Journal, a nonprofit digital newsroom dedicated to providing authentic news reporting for and about immigrants and refugees in Minnesota, the Immigration History Research Center is creating digital stories documenting the experiences of immigrants and refugees during the pandemic and post them here.

Sacad Guled owns and operates a fleet of 50 yellow buses and minivans across the Twin Cities, largely serving charter schools. These days, he says, he’s also driving a school bus route himself. Sacad told Sahan Journal what he’s doing to hire and retain drivers—and why $25 an hour often can’t compete with job offers from Amazon.

Somali Americans have a lot of pressing questions about family problems, substance abuse, mental illness, homelessness, and other issues. At Mohamed Shuyab's St. Anthony-based nonprofit, academics and experst try to provide answers.

Minnesota’s immigrants and refugees fill “essential” jobs in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. In a new report, they shared their stories about working on the front lines of the outbreak, while finding themselves excluded from many federal and state relief funds. “You put yourself at risk for your family and the community,” one nursing assistant told researchers. “I was expecting something, but they didn’t give me anything.”